Warning: 8 ways on which Life on Earth can End

The bad news is, the world is going to end one day and there is nothing we can do about it. The good news: We could have a billion years to enjoy ourselves here before that happens. Haven’t we all lived through December 12, 2012, saying that the earth was actually going to end and for God’s sake there was even a movie based on this destruction which went on to make millions thanks to our pity?

Most people have a hard time accepting the inevitable end of the world. “It is horrific to entertain the idea of extinction of planet Earth,” said psychoanalyst Robert Stolorow. There is always a slight hope that we could start colonizing life on a different planet. Finding a new home on a different planet is the same as choosing the right gadget of our liking, speculating that there is water on Mars.


However, there are several scenarios in which the Earth can meet its death and the human civilization will be entirely wiped out. Even if we survive all those, the Sun will die one day eventually. “A lot of people have written books that lead to how the world can end say the Professor of Planetary science Richard Binzel from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Source: Google

Sadly one of the ways the world could end and it would form a catastrophe of events unfolding. Not only the deaths and causalities of people in the result of bombings and blasts but such events could lead to a radiation which could eventually form a Nuclear Winter which could wipe out the remaining survivors. This sounds horrific.

If nuclear explosions are triggered, it could generate so much debris, dust and smoke in the upper atmosphere that could lead to blockage of sunlight for months to come if not for years, if such incidents happen Binzel said “The Earth would go incredibly cold that could freeze the entire vegetation and freeze out the life remaining.