The Insider’s Guide to 10 Everyday Phenomena Scientifically Explained

Do you know why we get goose bumps or do your hand sweats when you are nervous or have you ever had the sensation of falling in dreams? Be happy! That you are normal when these happen, but have you ever thought about the science behind it?

Then don’t stop yourself from reading this article because I can assure you, that these fun facts will never keep you boring. And knowing these facts will actually make you sound as a genius in front of a crowd. What are you waiting for? Just pull up a seat and read this article.

#10 Goose bumps

Source: Google

Just imagine, that you are alone at home and you watch a horror movie and in a scene where the hero is driving the car in the night in speed of 120 and then suddenly he see a women standing in front of the car and when the he looks back to see the women again, she disappears. The first thing you will get watching this scene is goosebumps. But have you thought how and why you get those goosebumps? The answer is these dots that form in the skin and make your hair stand straight up is because of the sympathetic nervous system which is responsible for most fight- or flight responses.

This may occur even when you are cold, afraid or emotional or see that is unexpected event.  The scientific name given to goosebumps is horripilation and it happens even in mammals. In mammals goosebumps looks like the incineration of the fur whereas it is seen so well for us because we have such a meager coat on the skin. In the goosebumps the small bubbles on the skin are mini-muscles and pull up the hair follicle in which the hair is rooted.