The 10 Unconventional Guide to Hens Parties

In general, women love wine, make-up, chocolate, socializing, making themselves beautiful and relaxing. If you want to organize a bachelor party for women, please take this into account. Here are 10 ideas for a bachelor party for a typical women’s party.

#10 – High tea / wine


Both at home and on location you can organize a high tea or high wine. If you do it at someone’s home then it is a good idea that everyone takes a bite and possibly a bottle of wine. For snacks for high tea, it concerns sandwiches, sandwiches, pizza dots, donuts, scones, cakes and the like.

Snacks for the high wine include, for example, appetizers, toasts, baguettes, tortilla rolls, bruchette, cheese cubes, raw ham rolls and the like. While enjoying a drink and a bite you can chat with each other.