It Did What? 10 Secrets About New Technology

In the world of tech, there is no such thing as a shortage of well-known products that could make life even easier and much more enjoyable. There are also a number of fascinating and many ground-breaking technologies that are still under development and under the radar for quite some time.There is a time that is an exciting time to be alive, the science and tech pushes humanity forward to such great incredible heights. Who would have imagined that 10 years ago we would have access to everything through our very own mobile devices?

“The machines, Aliens, and Monsters are going to take over the world”, these are the lines you would have heard in the movies like The Terminator, Independence Day and many other Sci-Fi movies. But in a way Technology can take over the world too, starting from small items like Stapler. But we may as well consider that the advancements in the 21st century could be a step further. Here are 10 technologies that could change the world in the coming years.


Source: Google


Phones are more important than owning a PC in developing countries. Mobiles are nowadays used for banking purposes, or for weather forecasting. It also is used as a business for farmers to know the best time to reap or sow their precious crop. But now Phones are used for much better purposes.

The Cellphone towers in Africa are used for mapping movements of people- such mapping can also help in tracking diseases such as malaria and also identify the transmission patterns. This mapping is put into good use in dealing with the natural disasters, and improving the public transport and also helpful in the retailers in making the shopping malls more profitable.