Get Ready to Booze with 15 Greatest Beer in the World

We all know that there are women’s day, Children’s day, Teacher’s day, but did you know there is something called “International Beer day” which is celebrated worldwide and it fall on August 7th. The topic most of us potbellied and weekend enjoying people’s love is beer.  Who doesn’t love beer (Those who don’t, I’m sorry). It has been one of the most happening things of our pop culture. There has been a huge rise in bars all over the world. We all feel happiness in having a beer mug in our hand, every Friday night!

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy” Such words were said by none other than Benjamin Franklin.

In the recent decades, craft brewers especially in the U.S. have quietly begun a revolution, pushing toward new extremes with the way people think and drink beer. The beers are categorized into different kinds: IPA’s, Stouts, Blondes, Pale ales and Wheat Beer. Here’s a list of 15 greatest beers in the world.

#15 Deschutes the Abyss – Deschutes Brewery, Bend, OR

Source: Google

They are the beers with deep and dark with rich licorice, cherry and vanilla flavor. The Deschutes brewery is serious about their ageing process which is done in oak barrels which unlocks more mature bourbon flavors. Their Imperial Stout is strictly for the hardcore beer lover who is on the lookout for a taste of grace on their sip of beer.