14 Facts About the Salt which is the Secret Ingredient

Salt flavor makes the food incomplete and so our life. Salt is the secret ingredient for tasty food. But, don’t we all know that too much salt affect sour system but we do eat it anyway. It is still considered the World’s oldest food flavoring.

Even in the ancient world, the salt was considered to be more valued. It was very much valued in a way that the first great Roman road was built to transport Salt from the Adriatic Sea to Rome.

#14 Salt is obtained using three methods

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Salt is used all over the world it mainly comes from various other sources. It is a false face that people assume it is mainly obtained by different methods. The main three methods to extract salt is from Solar Collection, Evaporation and Rock Mining. The oldest form of the three is the Solar Collection, The salt water is made to dry by the sun just leaving the salt behind, this is the most natural extraction.

The artificial way of extracting salt is through Evaporation, it is done with the help of air and the heat in the vacuum pans. Salt is not just present in the sea but also underground like oil, coal, gold etc. This sort of extraction process is called as Rock Mining.