11 Things That Movies Teach Us But Are Not True

Films and TV shows not only serve to entertain the public, they are also instructive. You can often learn a lot from what you see and hear in science fiction films. Some screenwriters try to respect the scientific background closely. Yet this is not always the case.


To make films more attractive and spectacular, the basic principles of science have already been taken away. But luckily that does not spoil the fun. An exciting science fiction film with impressive images is still good for a relaxed night out, even if science is violated. Below is a top ten of things that films have taught us wrong …

#11 – Firearms do not work that way

In numerous films you can see it: a person is hit by a bullet and flies through the impact through the room. However, the impact of a bullet can not bring about that effect! According to the laws of mechanics, action is equivalent to reaction. The person who fires the bullet would therefore be thrown to the other side with equal force. But you never see something like this, do you?

#10 – You can not see laser beams

It is spectacular, the laser beams that are fired at cruel aliens in science fiction films. Nice to see, but not realistic: laser beams are invisible! You only see them when, for example, dust, smoke or reflective particles cross their path.