10 Ideas You Can Steal from Love Symbols

Symbols are meant to stand for something and it symbolizes something. Every day we get to see them, and without even thinking about them, we know what they mean. They symbol our lives easier and we don’t give them enough credit for it. Most of us don’t even know the origins for most of them (Historians exception), or what they really represent or say.

For some of them, we may even know it completely wrong. When we see a heart-shaped image we tend to relate it as a symbol of love, whereas in ancient times people used different signs and symbols to express their love, feelings, and emotions toward one another. Here are the 10 love symbols which actually mean something from their origins.

#10 The Claddagh – an ancient love symbol (Irish)

Source: Google

The legend of the Claddagh is form which this symbol is associated; there was a fishing village outside the city of Galway. According to legends a young man, named Richard was with his men fishing for their family and at that very moment they were captured by pirates and taken to Africa. As years passed, many fishermen passed away leaving Richard even more miserable because all he wanted was to return back to Galway back to his beloved. As time passed, Richard stole a tiny speck of gold from his slave masters in the goldsmith shop where he was forced to work to keep his spirits high about his beloved. Years passed, and with the tiny pieces of gold, he collected he made a ring out of it. It was his hope that what seemed nearly impossible he wanted to return to his village to present the ring to his true love.

Many couldn’t figure out how Richard made it out alive and was able to make it into Ireland. He has overcome with joy that his wife remained truthful to him all these time awaiting his return. It was on that day Richard gave the ring he made for her, which is now called famously as the Claddagh. This Claddagh design now not only appears on rings but on necklaces as well. It symbolizes the love Richard shared his love with an undying spirit. The Crown now is symbolized as Loyalty, Love, and friendship.It is a foundation of love with a loyalty that it holds hands together.