10 Biggest Sex Scandals that will give you Goosebumps

Eating, sleeping are the most important necessities in life, but there is one more! No it’s not Surviving. It’s SEX. It is the only thing you don’t generally do in public or with someone against his/her will. Sex scandal is something which primarily involves in allegations or information about sexual activities made in the public. Politicians to movie stars have all shared their fair share of scandals.

We all would have come across the recent Harvey Weinstein scandal in Hollywood, where Women stood up for themselves against one of the most powerful men in Hollywood. Countless of accusations followed through Hollywood and Women even started a campaign called ” #MeToo “.  Following are the biggest 10 sex scandals.

#10 The Sekstapes of the stars

source: Google

Pamela Anderson, who rose to fame in the old Baywatch series belongs and owns this category. She and her Ex-husband filmed themselves making love to see how their sex presentation skills match; this also led to their divorce in such a short time (Bizzare Right!). Among others were singer Paris Hilton and also the woman who popularity rose because of a sex video Kim Kardashian, they became popular under the category called as ‘HOME VIDEOS’.

However, the sex tapes of these celebrities are not available anywhere because it is safely owned by the Collector of Vivid Entertainment, who famously owns the same kind of videos of Vince Neil, guitarist Jimmy Hendrikx and also Kendra Wilkinson.